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This page shows the general process of a guitar under construction on the LoonSong work bench. 

Phase 1

Phase 1:

Preparation of sound board and back board

Instrument :  A Dreadnought sized 12-string Acoustic Guitar

Phase 2

Phase 2:

Inlaying an ebony and mother of pearl rosette


Phase 3:

Sound board bracing and the sound hole.

Phase 4a

Phase 4:

Construction of the guitar neck.


Phase 5:

Neck finishing and fretboard


Phase 6:

Bending and connecting the sides and blocks

phase 7

Phase 7:

Assembling the back and front of the body

Phase 8:

Adding the binding and purfling

Phase 8 Phase 9

Phase 9:

Neck and body finishing and buffing

Phase 10:

Installing the Bridge