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In this guitar I plan to have a Celtic theme. For Phase 2 the sound hole rosette will be a Celtic braid of white mother of pearl inlaid into an ebony wood circle which itself is inlaid into the sound board. This rosette project will require about 100 separate pieces of shell inlay.

phase 2b

The Celtic braid design for the rosette. Each knot is made of five separate pieces which is then repeated 20 times to complete the braid.

First the ebony base must be made. Here a channel is routed into a blank board to fit the individual ebony pieces. Made from tiles because the ebony grain must radiate outwards

Now the sound board is routed just beyond the perimeter of the sound holes to accept the ebony tiles. The sound hole will be cut out much later.

Close up view of the 3/16” router bit used to cut the inlay channel

Along with the ebony tiles there will be an inner and outer band of black and white trim or “purfling”.

The ebony is now almost fully inlaid into the sound board. It and the purfling trim will be glued and sanded flush with the sound board surface.






Phase 1b