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Three wood blocks from which the neck sections are cut. Honduras Mahogany, Burled Maple and Rosewood

In this guitar, as in the 4th RW Custom guitar, I will construct the neck mostly from mahogany but with a center sandwich of two maple strips and middle section rosewood. In this guitar, Instead of gluing up a scarf joint for the headstock, I will use complete sections of wood for all but the rosewood section.

The five wood layers give the neck increased strength over a single block of wood. The mahogany and maple is cut down the center and one side is reversed to give opposing grain to the other side for even more neck strength.

The five sections are fully cut and a couple of them rebuilt to the template layout.

The five pieces are now aligned, glued together and clamped overnight..

The major issue here is to keep the individual pieces from “skating” on the glue out of alignment when the clamp pressure is applied. Sometimes the use of alignment pins is necessary.