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Once the edges of the sound board are true they are placed on my joining jig to be clamped and aligned while they are glued together

After the sides are joined the sound board is cut on the band saw to outline of the guitars  final shape

Now for the back. The two halves of the back board must also be made perfectly true on the sanding surface.

For the back of this guitar I’ll be using a centre strip which will continue to match the edge binding on the sides. It consists of two strips of  maple with a thin black and white trim.

The two back boards and centre strip are glued together in the same way as the sound board was; all three pieces clamped together in the joining jig.

Once the back board sections are glued together the back is also cut on the band saw to the general guitar outline.

Here, the four back braces, made of cedar are glued and clamped to the back board to provide strength and sound responsiveness.