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Neck finishing; The Headstock & Fretboard

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Following the same technique used in the rosette, the LoonSong logo is inlaid into the headstock cover wood.

For the added neck strength required for a 12-string guitar, I’ve routed out two slots and added two carbon-fibre re-enforcing rods.

Once the ebony fretboard is inlaid with Mother of Pearl in the same way as the rosette was and fretted, it is glued and clamped onto the neck body.

The completed neck and fret board

The bold-grained, Ziricote wood headstock cover plateis glued to the neck headstock of the neck and slotted to allow access to the necks truss rod.

The fretboard fret slots are cut using a precise mitre and fine saw. Then the frets are pressed into the slots using this arbour press.