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Guitar neck-body Finishing, Sanding & Buffing

One of the final stages is the finishing. This itself is a three stage process. First a clear grain filler is applied if the wood grain is porous. This is followed by 15 to 16 coats of sanding sealer, with light sanding between every three coats. Finally 3 to 4 coats of clear top coat is applied for what will be the high gloss finish. This all done before assembly and the bridge is installed

Phase 8 IMG_1280.JPG IMG_1286.JPG

Once the Sanding Sealer and Top Coat layers have been applied, the neck and body are thoroughly sanded. The process begins with 320 grit paper and continues to a final sand with 2000 grit wet paper.

Once the entire guitar is sanded with 2000-grit wet paper it will already have a dull shine. Flannel buffing wheels with course and then fine buffing compound brings the surface to a mirror-like finish.