About Us


Heather and Paul bring diverse backgrounds and skills to LoonSong Farm and our community.  Paul’s experience in soils and farming, mechanical knowledge and building, and research and teaching, all play into the work of the farm.  Heather’s years of community facilitation, teaching, outreach, and knowledge of creative arts and ecology weave into the the farm and community in multiple ways.

The name LoonSong comes from our regular experiences hearing and seeing loons in the places where we have lived and farmed. Loons are ancient birds, who mate for life – so in their calling we are reminded of our connection to the wisdom of the past, and of commitment to a work that is viable for the long-term future.

We have been farming and working with community connections since 2003.  From 2003 to 2010 we provided organic/Biodynamic produce through our CSA and market garden on Manitoulin Island.  Since 2010 we have shifted to focus on growing organic/Biodynamic grains and field crops, and milling fresh stone-ground flours and rolled oats for sale locally, regionally, and provincially.  

In 2017 we moved our base to southern Ontario, to continue our farming and community work in Niagara Region and Northumberland County.  Northumberland is where we are happily doing all our planting now…Stay tuned for what comes next!!

Note about our logo:  We are grateful to Melissa Das-Arp, a creative talented friend who farmed with us in 2008, for designing our logo.