2023 products available

Fresh Whole Wheat flour from our 2022 harvest of organic Redeemer variety wheat is  available, with a new finer grind than our previous flours.  Great for breads, muffins, scones, bagels, pizza crust and more, with the rich Redeemer flavor!

Our ROLLED OATS are not currently available.


Milled fresh, on a regular basis.  Contact us at loonsongfarm@gmail.com for farm gate purchases or see below for other options.

Farmgate prices:

3.5kg = $15.00

6kg = $25.00

25kg = contact us for more information

Bakeries and community bakers and pizzerias are loving Redeemer flour–check the bakers page to find details!! We are happy to serve additional mid-scale commercial bakers and chefs, please let us know if you have suggestions.

We don’t currently have products in retail outlets, but please contact Graze and Gather Foods for bulk size delivery or home sized flour deliveries. (See Bakers page)